Sex doll life Size AUDREY (165cm - 32kg)

Here's a sex doll, realistic size and nature that promises to cut you the breath. This doll charm has the aestheticism and the realism worked to perfection. This doll erotic is moulded in TPE, high-quality and is manufactured according to all your expectations and needs. Customize to make the perfect woman. An articulated skeleton of metal will allow you to make literally life to your doll's realistic and in place in all positions of the human body that you want. Fall for his angelic face in the light charmer, and her silhouette to curves enchanting.

This doll comes with: a wig, a linen, a heater masturbator USB and a bulb enema.

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CHF 2,482.81 -CHF 100.00 CHF 2,582.81
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Data sheet

Material :Élastomère thermoplastique (TPE)
Categories :Sextoys
Size :165cm

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Height: 165cm

Weight: 32kg

Material: TPE

Skeleton: metal

Neck: 28cm

Shoulders: 36cm

Chest: 95cm

Under-chest: 64cm

Size: 55cm

Hips: 82cm

Upper arm: 48cm

Legs: 83cm

Foot: 22cm

Hands: 16cm

Orifices: Vaginal, Oral, Anal

Deep vaginal: 16cm

Depth oral: 12cm

Deep anal: 14cm

Use only water-based lubricants. You want to makeup your doll? It is advisable to clean after each use. If you like the perfume, avoid perfumes alcohol-based.

After use, clean the holes with water or a mild soap using your palm and without scratching with nails.

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