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The thong for men is underwear sexy male par excellence. Worn mainly by the woman, the string also its place in the wardrobes of men. More and more men let themselves be seduced by this below discreet and bold.

Wear a string of many advantages over slip or boxer. In addition to being terribly sexy, it is very discreet under your clothing. You will finally be able to wear your revealing outfits without marks of folds disturbing. The thong for men comes in different cuts such as the string side, string, string, g-string or mini string, ... The materials are also very varied.

You will find a wide selection of thongs for men on Choose the colors of your string, they are classic like black or white or more bright such as red, green, blue, ... g-strings or more originals are also available as g-strings, leopard, striped, velvet, transparencies, ...

Let yourself be seduced by the sensuality and eroticism of our strings. Dare to be sexy by choosing a g-string for men

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